Top Five TV Shows

If you were stuck on a desert island with a big screen TV and unlimited popcorn, what five complete series would you take with you? In »

Atlassian Confluence: The Cross Team Documentation Interface

Confluence at Intermountain Healthcare For the past year or so I've been helping to implement the Atlassian suite of software tools at Intermountain Healthcare. Like many »

Top Five Albums

Lots of really great bands have put out a bad album or two. Many lousy bands have even managed to release some decent tunes. The question »

Mike Goes to Costa Rica - Part 2

Check out Mike Goes to Costa Rica - Part 1 Day 5 – Monday, March 11 Monteverde Extremo canopy tour, swing extremo and bungee! Night tour of »

Mike Goes to Costa Rica - Part 1

After two people bailing, one joining, and one postponement, I finally made it to Costa Rica last week with my good friends Mark and Kerra. What »